Hello Bello Diaper Subscription Review

Hello Bello Diaper Subscription Review

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Woohoo! I am on my third (3rd!) box from Hello Bello and I am ready to give my honest opinion!

HelloBello’s diaper box is $65. It comes with 7 packages of diapers and 4 packages of wipes. However the amount of diapers depends on the size of the diaper. Newborn is 245 per bundle, size 1 is 245 per bundle, size 2 is 224 per bundle, size 3 is 196 per bundle, size 4 is 168 per bundle, size 5 is 140 per bundle, and size 6 is 126 per bundle. They have fun prints for you to choose from. Choose 7 different patterns or 7 packages of the same pattern. I don’t judge. The mailing frequencies are 3 weeks, 4 weeks, or 5 weeks. (I stick with 5 weeks, and have never run out.)

Um yes that’s SLOTHS

Our bundle is for our (almost) 8 month old. She is in size 3. Right off the bat, I find their sizing more realistic than other brands. The sizing is important because if a diaper is too big or too small that is when blow outs can’t be avoided! Their sizes seem larger than the other name brand we were using. We probably could have started her in size 2, but in the other brand she was growing out of size 2, and because this was a mail subscription I sized up. (Side note, I compared the well known brand to another sample I received and the sample was larger than it too.) If you have a heavy wetter I would suggest frequent daytime changes, and night time diapers at night. (Hopefully HelloBello makes nighttime diapers soon!) My 2 year old was like that as a baby, and it really didn’t matter the brand, nighttime diaper or bust. Ha! That being said, my 8 month old sleeps through the night and she does not pee through the diaper in that time.

The bundle comes with 4 packages of wipes, 60 wipes per package.

I’m sure you’re wondering about the wipes. I am a big fan of WaterWipes and I did not think anything could compete. I was more excited to try the diapers than the wipes, honestly. However, one day HB’s wipes were the only wipes within reach and I HAD TO try them. And guess what? They’re GOOD WIPES! First and foremost they do not irritate my kids or their skin. They have a nice texture, and while they are not as “moist” as WaterWipes, that texture makes up for it. (Honestly my gripe with a WaterWipes is the lack of texture.) I have not rebought WaterWipes since we bought these bundles, but I have made an emergency trip to Walmart for more HelloBello wipes!

Yes! You heard that right! HelloBello is found exclusively in-store at Walmart! (You can also order at Walmart.com!) This is actually how we get diapers for my son. He is 2 and in size 6. (He has been in size 6 for well over a year because of the sizing weirdness I found with the other brand he used.) We can pick up a case of his diapers, and it’s super convenient! It would definitely be worth getting 2 bundles but because he is close to potty training, we don’t mind going in-store for his.

I’m not kidding when I say I love these diapers. They are made differently, “100% chlorine-free processing, with a plant-derived absorbent core liner.” (hellobello.com) They are free of the yucky stuff like lotion, fragrance, and phthalates. These are common things young children are sensitive to. I have tried a few diapers in my day. My main take away from HelloBello is that they don’t smell weird, they last all night (for us), it’s affordable, and they’re cute! My kids don’t have red or irritated skin which is an added bonus. The convenience of ordering the bundle is great! Full disclosure, last bundle I missed out on prints I wanted, which now I know can happen! I wasn’t mad though because I just ended up with more of the dark rainbows which is my favorite.

So what’s the takeaway? Do I recommend? Yes! I think the price point is great, the products work as advertised, and the convenience of having them at your local Walmart store is just an added bonus. We don’t do many subscriptionsp but this is one that I love receiving every month! They are often running first time bundle deals, so don’t forget to look for those! Head over to https://hellobello.com/ to browse and sign up!

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